Meaning: اِستَحقاق ۔ رعايَت ۔ اِختَيار ۔ اِختِيارِ قَطعی ۔ سَرکاری حَق

Explanation: (Noun)- a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.

Example: In some countries, higher education is predominantly the prerogative of the rich.

Synonyms: Immunity, Perquisite, Advantage, Appanage.

Antonyms: Duty, Obligation.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 18-04-2021]

Pakistan ranked at which place in Inclusive Internet Index 2021?

  • (A) 45th
  • (B) 76th
  • (C) 88th
  • (D) 90th

Who has been appointed as first muslim Assistant Chief of Houston Police?

  • (A) Sarfaraz Cheema
  • (B) Yasar Waseer
  • (C) Yasar Bashir
  • (D) None of the above