Basic Mathematics MCQS


⇒ What is the place valut of 3 in 5342?





⇒ After how many digits commas are placed in writing the number in international system?





⇒ We can write 30=10+20 ....what is the form of writing this number?




(d)All of the above

⇒ What do we call 45 in 30+15=45 . What the form of writing this number?





⇒ What do we call 10 in 10/5.?





⇒ What is the difference of 38 and 19





⇒ What is the answer of (2/3)*(5/7)?





⇒ What is the solution of (5/9)/(1/9)?





⇒ 2/3+4/5=4/5+___?




(d)None of the above

⇒ 4/5+1/3=1/3+4/5 is called which type of property of addition?





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