Basic Computer Knowledge MCQS


⇒ An electronic device that receives input, process and give output is called?





⇒ In which type of computer, data are represented as?

(a)Hybrid computer

(b)Analog computer


(d)Digital computer

[Submitted by: NAVEED KHAN]
⇒ To add numbers in Between 10,000, the number of rows of an Abacus should be?





⇒ Charless Babbage analytical engine was consisted which of the following?

(a)Store, mill, control, input and output

(b)Input, store and output

(c)Input, store, Mill and output

(d)None of the above

⇒ An electromechanical machine which can perform basic mathematical function and complicated calculations is called?



(c)Mark 1

(d)None of the above

⇒ In Charless Babbage analytical Unit, the mill was like?





⇒ A distinguishing feature of first generation computers was?



(c)Vacuum Tubes


⇒ ENIAC, EDAC, and EDVAC are some examples of which of the following generations of computers?





⇒ Transistors were used in which generation computers?





⇒ Peripheral devices for the first belongs which generation of computers?





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