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  • Propensity

    Meaning: جُھکاو ۔ مناسبت ۔ میل ۔ رغبت ۔ رجحان یا مزاجی کیفیت ۔ فطری میلان

    Explanation: (Noun)- An inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way.

    Example: His propensity for violence.

    Synonyms: Bias, Disposition, Leaning, Penchant.

    Antonyms: Disinclination, Dislike, Hate.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 30-07-2021]

  • Spurt

    Meaning: دھارے یا فوارے کی شکل میں پھوٹ پڑنا ۔ دھار ڈالنا ۔ بہانا ۔ اچانک کسی کام کا شوق اچھالنا ۔ یکایک پھوٹنے والی دھار ۔ رفتار میں اچانک اضافہ خصوصاً دوڑ میں

    Explanation: (Noun)- Move with a sudden burst of speed.

    Example: The other car had spurted to the top of the ramp.

    Synonyms: Commotion, Eruption, Explosion, Outburst.

    Antonyms: Peace, Continuity.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 29-07-2021]

  • Bauble

    Meaning: کھلونا ۔ دکھاوے کی چیز ۔سستا نمائشی زیور

    Explanation: (Noun)- Something that is superficially attractive but useless or worthless.

    Example: People in quest of honours are wasting time and effort to secure baubles.

    Synonyms: Knickknack, Curio, Doodad.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 28-07-2021]

  • Alacrity

    Meaning: آمادگی ۔ کوئی کام کَرنے کے لِيے خُوش دِلانَہ آمادگی ۔ رَضا مَندی

    Explanation: (Noun)- Brisk and cheerful readiness.

    Example: She accepted the invitation with alacrity.

    Synonyms: Alertness, Avidity, Briskness, Cheerfulness.

    Antonyms: Apathy, Coolness, Discouragement.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 27-07-2021]

  • Plausibility

    Meaning: معقولیت ۔ جوازیت ۔ بظاہر معقول

    Explanation: (Noun)- The quality of seeming reasonable or probable.

    Example: He offers no support for the plausibility of his theory.

    Synonyms: Believability, Soundness, Validity, Chance.

    Antonyms: Improbability, Unlikelihood.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 26-07-2021]

  • Connotation

    Meaning: تعبیر ۔ اِشارتی مَفہوم ۔ اِشارہ ضِمنی

    Explanation: (Noun)- An idea or feeling which a word invokes for a person in addition to its literal or primary meaning.

    Example: The word ‘discipline’ has unhappy connotations of punishment and repression.

    Synonyms: Meaning, Overtone, Significance, Undertone.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 25-07-2021]

  • Foment

    Meaning: گرم پانی سے دھونا یا سینکنا ، اُکسانا ، بھڑکانا ، سُلگانا ۔

    Explanation: (Verb)- Instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action).

    Example: They accused him of fomenting political unrest.

    Synonyms: Abet, Arouse, Brew, Incite.

    Antonyms: Deter, Discourage, Calm, Conclude.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 24-07-2021]

  • Parley

    Meaning: گفت و شنید ۔ مزاکرات ۔ مجلس ۔ مصالحت

    Explanation: (Noun)- A conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice.

    Example: A parley is in progress and the invaders may withdraw.

    Synonyms: Confab, Conference, Consult, Conversation.

    Antonyms: Quiet, Silence.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 21-07-2021]

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