Meaning: سخت ظالمانہ ۔ استبدادانہ ۔ سخت گیر ۔ سفاکانہ

Explanation: (Adjective)- (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe.

Example: The Nazis destroyed the independence of the press by a series of draconian laws.

Synonyms: Cruel, Drastic, Heavy handed, Oppressive.

Antonyms: Amenable, Calm.

[Dawn Vocabulary: 02-06-2021]

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  • Implausible

    Meaning: نامعقُول ۔ غیر مَعقُول ۔ حقیقی نظر نہ آنے والا ۔ بے صُورت ظاہِر ۔ ناپَسندیدہ

    Explanation: (Adjective)- (of an argument or statement) not seeming reasonable or probable; failing to convince.

    Example: This is a blatantly implausible claim.

    Synonyms: Dubious, Farfetched, Flimsy.

    Antonyms: Believable, Convincing.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 18-06-2021]

  • Partisan

    Meaning: حمائیتی ۔ پکا حامی ۔ طرفدار

    Explanation: (Noun)- A strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.

    Example: Partisans of the exiled Stuarts.

    Synonyms: Biased, One sided, Sectarian.

    Antonyms: Fair, Unbiased.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 18-06-2021]

  • Gambit

    Meaning: شطرنج کی ایک چال

    Explanation: (Noun)- An act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, especially at the outset of a situation.

    Example: His resignation was a tactical gambit.

    Synonyms: Artifice, Design.

    Antonyms: Frankness, Honesty

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 17-06-2021]

  • Dispense

    Meaning: تقسیم کرنا

    Explanation: (Verb)- Distribute or provide (a service or information) to a number of people.

    Example: Orderlies went round dispensing drinks.

    Synonyms: Allocate, Allot, Disburse.

    Antonyms: Conceal, Hide.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 17-06-2021]

  • Vitiate

    Meaning: ناقص بنانا ۔ نوعیت بِگاڑ دینا ۔ نُقصان پہنچانا ۔ گندا کر دینا ۔ خراب کر دینا

    Explanation: (Verb)- Spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of.

    Example: Development programmes have been vitiated by the rise in population.

    Synonyms: Annihilate, Negate, Quash.

    Antonyms: Allow, Help, Permit, Affirm.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 16-06-2021]

  • Whip up

    Meaning: جوش میں مِلانا ۔ جذبات مُشتعل کرنا جیسے کِسی اجتماع کے

    Explanation: (Verb)- Deliberately excite or provoke someone.

    Example: Dad had managed to whip himself up into a fantastic rage.

    Synonyms: Agitate, Arouse, Foment, Inflame.

    Antonyms: Calm, Discourage, Dissuade.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 16-06-2021]

  • Mowed

    Meaning: درانتی ۔ دندانوں والا کٹر ۔فصل کاٹنے کا اوزار

    Synonyms: Shear, Trim.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 16-06-2021]

  • Jumble

    Meaning: بے ترتیب ہونا ۔

    Explanation: (Noun)- An untidy collection or pile of things.

    Example: The books were in a chaotic jumble.

    Synonyms: Assortment, Mishmash, Pastiche, Tangle.

    Antonyms: Arrangement, Harmony, Method.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 15-06-2021]

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