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  • Paradox

    Meaning: وہ بات جو بظاہر غلط مگر حقیقت میں صحیح ہو ، قول مقناطیس

    Explanation: (Noun)- A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.

    Example: The uncertainty principle leads to all sorts of paradoxes, like the particles being in two places at once.

    Synonyms: Absurdity, Ambiguity, Anomaly.

    Antonyms: Normality, Regularity.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 14-06-2021]

  • Avowedly

    Meaning: واشگاف انداز سے، کھُلَم کھُلا

    Explanation: (Adverb)- Admitted, or stated publicly; openly.

    Example: The article is avowedly a historical analysis.

    Synonyms: Professed, Accepted, Acknowledged.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 13-06-2021]

  • Austerity

    Meaning: سختی یا انداز یا رویہ کی شدت

    Explanation: (Noun)- Sternness or severity of manner or attitude.

    Example: He was noted for his austerity and his authoritarianism.

    Synonyms: Rigor, Acerbity, Asperity.

    Antonyms: Informality, Kindness, Mildness.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 13-06-2021]

  • Trickle

    Meaning: قطرہ قطرہ ہو کر گرنا ۔ راز ظاہر ہو جانا ۔ پتلی سی دھار

    Explanation: (Verb)- (of a liquid) flow in a small stream.

    Example: A solitary tear trickled down her cheek.

    Synonyms: Crawl, Creep, Dribble, Flow.

    Antonyms: Pour.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 12-06-2021]

  • Gridlock

    Meaning: بھیڑ بَند ۔ شہری عِلاقے میں بھیڑ اور ٹریفک کی کَثَرت کے سَبَب راستے کا اِس طرح بَند ہو جانا کہ کوئی بھی کار کِسی سَمت حَرکَت نہ کَر سکے ۔

    Explanation: (Noun)- A situation of very severe traffic congestion.

    Example: The city reaches gridlock during peak hours.

    Synonyms: Bottleneck, Congestion.

    Antonyms: Clearance, Opening.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 12-06-2021]

  • Unsavoury

    Meaning: جس کا مزہ یا بُونا گوار ہو یا جو طبیعت پر گراں گزرے ۔ بد ذائقہ ۔بد مزہ ۔ گھاونا ۔ خراب ۔ بار خاطر ۔ کراہت آمیز ۔ کراہت آمیز کردار کا مالک ۔ اخلاقی طور پر نا گوار

    Explanation: (Adjective)- Disagreeable to taste, smell, or look at.

    Example: They looked at the scanty, unsavoury portions of food doled out to them.

    Synonyms: Unplatatable, Unappetizing, Unpleasant, Distasteful.

    Antonyms: Tasty, Appetizing.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 11-06-2021]

  • Nexus

    Meaning: علاقہ ، رشتہ ، تعلق ، رابطہ

    Explanation: (Noun)- A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

    Example: The nexus between industry and political power.

    Synonyms: Center, Connection.

    Antonyms: Divorce, Exterior.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 10-06-2021]

  • Predicament

    Meaning: ايک نا خُوشگوار ۔ پريشان کُن ۔ خطَرناک صُورَتِ حال

    Explanation: (Noun)- A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation.

    Example: The club’s financial predicament.

    Synonyms: Circumstance, Crisis, Deadlock.

    Antonyms: Advantage, Agreement, Benefit.

    [Dawn Vocabulary: 09-06-2021]

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