Basic English MCQS


⇒ China is a ___________ country.
(d)None of the above

⇒ Change the voice of the sentence "The secretary opens the mail".
(a)The mail is open by the secretary
(b)The mail is open by me
(c)The mail is opened by the secretary
(d)None of the above

⇒ Synonym of eligible is?

⇒ Antonym of Magnify is?

⇒ Oh! Ah! wow! are used as?

⇒ Affirmative meaning is?
(d)None of the above

⇒ "Ahmed will write a letter" change the voice of the sentence.
(a)The letter will be written by Ahmed.
(b)Ahmed writes a letter.
(c)The letter was written by ahmed.
(d)None of the above

⇒ Aslam Said, "Alas! I am undone" , change this into indirect speech.
(a)Aslam exclaimed with sorrow that he were undone.
(b)Aslam exclaimed with sorrow that he was undone.
(c)Aslam exclaim with sorrow that he were undone.
(d)None of the above

⇒ "He is senior than me" , make correction in the sentence.
(a)He is senior of me.
(b)He has senior to me.
(c)He is senior to us.
(d)He is senior to me.

⇒ Take care ________ your property.

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