Basic English MCQS


⇒ I can not remember where __________ my jacket.
(a)I has lost
(b)I left
(c)It was made to
(d)All of the above

⇒ "What is the time in your watch", correct sentence given in qoutes.
(a)What is the time of your watch?
(b)What is the time with your watch?
(c)What time your watch is showing.
(d)What is the time by your watch?

⇒ Raheem said, "It may raim tomorrow". Change it into indirect speech.
(a)Raheem said that it may rain the next day.
(b)Raheem said that it may rain the tomorrow.
(c)Raheem said that it might rain the next day.
(d)None of the above

⇒ "She pays a lot of money", change the voice of the sentence.
(a)A lot of money is paid by her.
(b)Huge amount of money is paid by him.
(c)A lot of money is paid with her.
(d)None of the above

⇒ Synonym of caress is?
(c)space object

⇒ Antonym of Persist is?

⇒ __________ is stirring with new enthusiasm and vitality.
(a)The whole of Pakistan
(b)Whole Pakistan
(c)All Pakistan
(d)None of the above

⇒ If you _________ a car today it would cost you a lot of money.
(c)has bought
(d)All of the above

⇒ This rule is not applicable __________ women.

⇒ Identify the correct spelling.

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