Basic English MCQS


⇒ We have missed the bus. Now we'll_____to walk.

⇒ Need you buy_____many books?

⇒ I want I ________worked hard.

⇒ What is the meaning of word "shallow"?

⇒ What is the sysnonym of word "artificial"?

⇒ What is the opposite of word "Separate"?

⇒ Change the voice of the sentence "He will finish the work in a fortnight"?
(a)The work will finished by him in a fortnight.
(b)In a fortnight he will finish the work.
(c)The work will have to be finished in a fortnight by him.
(d)The work must be finished by him in a fortnight.

⇒ Choose the correct sentence from the following.
(a)India attacked on Pakistan in 1965.
(b)India attacked Pakistan in 1965.
(c)India attacks Pakistan in 1965.
(d)India did attacked Pakistan in 1965.

⇒ We all have to be abide ________ the rules.?

⇒ She takes _______ her mother.

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