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  • Light fingered person means?
    • (A) A person who is soft and tender.
    • (B) A person whose handwriting is good.
    • (C) A person who is a good artist.
    • (D) A person who is a thief.
  • To Cheer up means?
    • (A) To become sad
    • (B) To become happy
    • (C) To become lost
    • (D) None of the above
  • Mixed feelings means?
    • (A) To have some good and bad feelings about someone
    • (B) Hateful feelings
    • (C) Not clear feelings
    • (D) Romantic feelings
  • Keep tabs on means?
    • (A) To keep under observation
    • (B) To do something
    • (C) To follow strictly
    • (D) To steal something
  • Hit the road means?
    • (A) To go abroad
    • (B) To sit in the raod
    • (C) To run on the raod
    • (D) To start journey

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