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  • Lions share means?
    • (A) Minor share
    • (B) Major share
    • (C) Heart of the prey
    • (D) Look angrily
  • Bag and Baggage means?
    • (A) Without any belonging
    • (B) All the clothing
    • (C) Leave
    • (D) With all One’s belongings
  • To talk shop means?
    • (A) To bore others with one’s talk.
    • (B) To talk of something interesting.
    • (C) To talk exclusively of one’s own business.
    • (D) To talk of relevant things.
  • Avert means?
    • (A) To turn something away
    • (B) Eagerness
    • (C) To go abroad
    • (D) None of the above

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