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Quiz NameGeneral Knowledge Quiz 18
Quiz TypeMCQS
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⇒ What is the currency of Bangladesh?

⇒ Where was founded OIC?

⇒ Which SAARC country have largest literacy rate?

⇒ The ozone layer prevents us from?

⇒ Frederick Sanger get noble prize twice in which year?

⇒ Who introduced price control system in the subcontinent?

⇒ Who created Africa Fund?

⇒ What is the currency of Veitnam?

⇒ Which is the most polluted city of the world?

⇒ Capital of Ethipia is?

⇒ Diet is the name of parliament of which country?

⇒ "Ships carrying patient" used which flag for their representation?

⇒ Captain cook belongs?

⇒ What is meant by eskimos?

⇒ Allama innayat ullah mashriqi is the founder of which tehrik?