Islamic Studies Quiz


Quiz NameIslamic Studies Quiz 2
Quiz TypeMCQS
Total Question10

⇒ Mountains would break by the miracle of which prophet?

⇒ In which country Hazrat Ibrahim AS grave is?

⇒ Who woke up after sleeping hundred years?

⇒ In which hijri year Hazrat Ali AS martyred?

⇒ Ameer Muyavya was shifted the caliphate capital from?

⇒ Uqba bin Nafah is called?

⇒ In which year Hazrat Abu Bakar RA died?

⇒ Eqypt was conquered by?

⇒ What was the age of Hazrat Ali AS at the time of his martydom?

⇒ Name the first poet who is rewareded by the Prophet PBUH?