Islamic Studies QUIZ


Quiz NameIslamic Studies Quiz 7
Quiz TypeMCQS
Total Question15

⇒ In which BC first relevation revealed?

⇒ How many years Prophet PBUH remained in the Shoaib Abi Talib?

⇒ How many massengers are mentioned in the holy Quran?

⇒ How many jewish fort were in Khyber?

⇒ What was the name of idol placed at the roof of the Kaba??

⇒ Which battle fought very soon after the conquest of Makkah?

⇒ Bait Rizwan was taken for?

⇒ Hazrat Ruqiah RA daughter of prophet PBUH died on the day of which battle??

⇒ Who was with the Prophet PBUH when migrated?

⇒ Longest surah of the holy Quran is?

⇒ Shortest Surah of Holy Quran is?

⇒ How many minimum ayat in one surah in Quran?

⇒ What is the meaning of the word "Ajam"?

⇒ What was the name of son born to Hazrat Khadija RA and Prophet PBUH?

⇒ What was the name of Abu Sufyan daughter?