Pakistan Affairs Quiz


Quiz NamePakistan Affairs Quiz 3
Quiz TypeMCQS
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⇒ Who was viceroy when Queen's Victoria was crowned with Kaisar e Hind in Delhi Darbar?

⇒ When MAO college was inaugurated?

⇒ MAO College was inaugurated by?

⇒ Who was British Prime Minister when 1857 revolt occur?

⇒ LLB degree was conferred to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by which of the following university?

⇒ Quit India movement was launched after the failure of which of the following?

⇒ When sir Syed Ahmed Khan was elevated to the position of Chief Judge?

⇒ After Shariat Ullah who was made faraizi movement more strong and powerful?

⇒ Who passed Vernacular Press Act?

⇒ Real name of Shah Walli Ullah was?