Pakistan Affairs Quiz


Quiz NamePakistan Affairs Quiz 6
Quiz TypeMCQS
Total Question10

⇒ Who supported PAK resolution from Uttar Pardesh?

⇒ Pakistan lies in which of the following latitudes?

⇒ What is the total area of Azad Kashmir in sq.Km?

⇒ June 3rd plan is also known as?

⇒ When National Accountablity Barue (NAB) was created?

⇒ Pakistan nuclear test was held on which date?

⇒ Runn of kutch boundry is known as?

⇒ When constitution of 1962 was abrogated?

⇒ What is the length of coastline of PAKISTAN?

⇒ After Quaid e Azam which of the following become the governor general of Pakistan?