Pakistan Affairs Quiz


Quiz NamePakistan Affairs Quiz 7
Quiz TypeMCQS
Total Question15

⇒ Where indus river ends?

⇒ Haleji lake is situated near the city of?

⇒ What is the largest lake of Pakistan?

⇒ Who founded Faisalabad?

⇒ Where is Nishtar hospital is situated?

⇒ Victoria hospital is in?

⇒ Where was Sassi was born??

⇒ Alexander the Great was arrived in?

⇒ Where is situated Conningham clock tower?

⇒ Yousaf zulekha was written by??

⇒ Pani Pur forest is situated in??

⇒ What is jirga hall of Sibi?

⇒ Thar is known as?

⇒ Hala is fort for which of the following work?

⇒ What is the meaning of Quetta?