Pakistan Affairs MCQS


⇒ What is length of track of PAKISTAN railway in KM?

⇒ Port Qasim is near the which city of PAKISTAN?

⇒ Diary form is what type of industry?
(a)Food industry
(b)Textile industry
(c)Agro based industry
(d)All of the above

⇒ Kalam fort is in?

⇒ Mari is famous for what?
(a)Fish Catching
(d)Gas field

⇒ Zain is famous for what?
(a)Gas field
(b)Fish catching

⇒ Hari Singh fort is in?

⇒ when Chamalang coal mine was closed in?

⇒ Azad Kashmir have how many districts?

⇒ Which of the following river of PAKISTAN is called the Nile of PAKISTAN?

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