Pedagogy MCQS


⇒ Who wrote Psychology of child?
(a)Jenner Smith
(b)Adword Jons
(d)None of the above

⇒ Media research concerned with __________ development and improvement of different media.

⇒ Who developed computer based teaching model?
(a)Danial Davis
(b)Lawrence Stubro
(c)Both of the above
(d)None of the above

⇒ The mutual relationship among Man, Universe and God is called?

⇒ Who wrote the book "Genetic Epistemology"?
(a)Jean Piaget
(b)Dom Jones
(c)William Grawth
(d)All of the above

⇒ What type of curriculum is of John Dewey?
(a)Activity Centered curriculum
(b)Learner curriculum
(c)Both of the above
(d)None of the above

⇒ How can be found that, What is going on in the class room through?
(d)None of the above

⇒ What is the main purpose of the teaching?
(a)to punish students
(b)students could get highest marks
(c)To develop thinking power of students is the main objective
(d)None of the above

⇒ Normal child of 12 years of age is most likely _________.
(a)to be honest
(b)be eager for peer approval
(c)be the most intelligent
(d)None of the above

⇒ Who developed the Kindergarten system of Education?
(b)William Smith

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