Pedagogy Mcqs


⇒ When National Education Commission 1959 was established?
(A)30 November, 1957
(B)30 December, 1957
(C)30 November, 1958
(D)30 December, 1958

⇒ National Education Commission 1959 was established under the leadership of?
(A)F.M. Khan
(B)S.M. Sharif
(D)Fatima Jinnah

⇒ Ideology of Pakistan, Spiritual values and ________ were the objectives of National Education Commission 1959.
(A)Individual development
(B)content development
(C)curriculim development
(D)None of the above

⇒ The ideal teacher should concentrate on which of the following?
(A)Subject he is teaching
(B)teaching methods
(C)behaviour of their students
(D)All are correct

⇒ If a person believes that nature influence the development of a child, then he would not agree with the importance of?
(A)student intelligence
(B)exposures to students
(C)exposures to peers
(D)genetic factors

⇒ When teacher should involved in social activities of the students?
(A)Only when students needed
(B)once in a week
(C)once in a year
(D)very frequently

⇒ Good teacher can become only that person who prefers _________ to teaching.
(A)exclusive research
(B)action research
(C)formal method
(D)None of the above

⇒ If the management committe rejected the demands of teachers then what should Teachers Associations do?
(A)Should be on strike and boycott classes
(B)resign from their jobs
(C)put case against management committee in the court
(D)Should talk to the management committee and try to resolve the issues

⇒ Social maturity is essential for the _________ quality.
(B)text books

⇒ Television is a mean of ________ education.
(D)None of the above

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