World’s largest museum Louvre gets first female president in?

  • (A) 220 Years
  • (B) 222 Years
  • (C) 228 Years
  • (D) 230 Years

Which country developed single Dose Covid-19 vaccine Janssen of Johnson & Johnson?

  • (A) China
  • (B) UK
  • (C) USA
  • (D) Germany

Three teachers of which university have been included in the list of `World Scientist and University Rankings 2021′?

  • (A) Punjab University
  • (B) Karachi University
  • (C) University of Baltistan Skardu
  • (D) Quad-e-Azam University

Who launched first Bio Hub Facility?

  • (A) WHO
  • (B) Switzerland
  • (C) WHO and Switzerland
  • (D) World Bank

Which country mountaineer has set the record in for fastest climbing of mount Everest by a woman?

  • (A) Nepal
  • (B) Indonesia
  • (C) Russia
  • (D) Hong Kong

According to ‘World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’ list for 2021, released by Fortune Magazine. Which country prime minister topped the list?

  • (A) UK
  • (B) Pakistan
  • (C) China
  • (D) New Zealand