Who wrote the poems, ‘’On death’’ and ‘’Women, wine and snuff?’’

  • (A) P.B. Shelley
  • (B) Shakespeare
  • (C) John Milton
  • (D) John Keats

Shakespeare composed much of his plays in what sort of verse?

  • (A) Lambic Pentameter
  • (B) Sonnet form
  • (C) Heroic couplet
  • (D) None of the above

Which work of William Wordsworth considered as his greatest autobiographical epic?

  • (A) Ode on a Gracian Urn
  • (B) Guilt and Sorrow
  • (C) The excursion
  • (D) The Prelude

Who speaks what language to whom and when, this idea is given by?

  • (A) Kachru, 1992
  • (B) Fishman, 1965
  • (C) Michael Halliday, 2003
  • (D) None of the above