What is the amount of total federal budget 2020-21 presented by PTI Govt on 11 June 2021?

  • (A) Rs 6,294.9 billion
  • (B) Rs 7,294.9 billion
  • (C) Rs 8,294.9 billion
  • (D) Rs 9,294.9 billion

Which police launched new global database named “I-Familia” to identify missing persons?

  • (A) Metropolitan Police
  • (B) Interpol
  • (C) Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • (D) National Police

Severe train accident occurs on 07 June 2021 between which two stations?

  • (A) Sarhad and Daharki Railway Stations
  • (B) Sarhad and Mirpur Mathelo Railway Stations
  • (C) Reti and Daharki Railway stations
  • (D) None of the above

Who has been appointed as Director General Public Relation of Pakistan Navy?

  • (A) Wajid Waseem
  • (B) Rear Admiral Naeem Sarwar
  • (C) Admiral Sultan Fahim
  • (D) None of the above

Which city ranks first in the world’s most liveable cities list 2021?

  • (A) Vienna
  • (B) Auckland
  • (C) London
  • (D) Tokyo

Which company CEO announced to travel in space on 20 July 2021?

  • (A) Microsoft
  • (B) Google
  • (C) Apple
  • (D) Amazon